Weekend Link Love (8/15/2014)

Today is a special day in my household. It is the one year due date anniversary for my son, Josiah. This is a milestone day because although he has been a year old for almost seven weeks now, he was born premature. The brains and bodies of premature babies tend to develop according to their due dates rather than their actual birthdays until they “catch up” to their birthdays at around 2 years old; therefore, I have treated my little as if he was born on his due date when it came to making decisions such as what was appropriate to feed him, nursing, developmental expectations, etc. I am so excited that he is so healthy and growing so well! His pediatrician says that his development exceeds his due date expectations and is quite close to his birthday age. Thank You, Lord, for this undeserved blessing!

I love reading! I especially love to read blogs and interesting information pertaining to health and real life. So, here are some links to articles I have enjoyed reading this week and found interesting! I hope that you have an excellent weekend and a little time to wind down and spend some time reading!

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies – I was so excited to find these! They are free of all of the top 8 allergens, which means I can make them and share with Si. That makes me incredibly happy since due to his food allergies I can’t usually share treats with him.

How Many Eggs Can I Safely Eat? – Have you heard about watching the number of eggs you eat due to cholesterol? Here’s the scoop on eating eggs.

Why The Calories-In-Calories-Out Myth Is Wrong – I love this! I hear so many of my friends talking about calorie counting, dieting, weight loss & maintenance, etc. but although calories do play a part in our overall weight maintenance, it matters more WHAT we are eating. Here’s why!

5 Simple Ways To Be A Great Wife – What a sweet, inspiring article on encouraging your husband and building up your marriage! I know that my own marriage definitely benefits from these tips!

Essential Oils For Better Sleep – Sleep troubles? Here are 3 essential oils that can help you wind down and get some much needed rest! (if you don’t own these oils, contact me and I can help you obtain them)


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