Essential Oils 101: How To Use Young Living Essential Oils (Lesson 4)

As you learn about essential oils and read different books and articles on aromatherapy, you will see a wide variety of recommendations for how many drops of essential oils you need to use in each recipe. This is because, as we discussed in this post, not all essential oils are created equal. While Young Living essential oils are 100% pure essential oils, many other brands are as little as 3% essential oil in each bottle, with the rest being additives and fillers.

In general, when a generic recipe I find on the Internet includes essential oils, I will start out by using 1/4-1/3 of the drops called for in the recipe. So, if a bath salts recipe says to use 8 drops of essential oils, I will start with 2-3 drops and then add drops as needed. When the recipe does not specify what brand they are using, I assume that it is a generic brand & that since I am using the potent Young Living oils, I will probably need less than what is called for in the recipe. It is a lot easier to add more drops than to take away drops if you have added to many.

When diluting essential oils into a carrier oil, I will use 1-2 drops of essential oil for every 1 tsp-2 tbsp of carrier oil. This is a wide range of dilution, but how much you want to dilute really just depends on what essential oil you are using, where you are applying it, what your purpose for application is, and your own individual body size and composition. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach with essential oils. I always really dilute the oils when I am using them on infants and children & pay particular attention to researching the ingredients to make sure they are safe for little ones. Just because an oil comes from a natural substance does not mean that it is safe for every age or in any quantity.

It is important to remember that Young Living essential oils are very potent & highly concentrated, so be cautious that you are diluting them appropriately in carrier oils before using them.

Did you know that you can use essential oils to pretty much replace your OTC medicine cabinet? Check out the chart below!



All of these oils & more can be found in the Everday Oils Collection. This is a really great starter collection for anyone who is new to essential oils and would like to start using them.

In upcoming posts we will be highlighting each of these oils individually and learning about their unique uses.


– No statements made here are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Although many people have found great relief from ailments with use of essential oils and products containing them, we legally cannot claim to heal or cure disease with essential oils because they not FDA regulated.


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