5 Days of THM Meal Inspiration

I mentioned in a previous post that I am working to overcome a sugar addiction. After making very poor eating choices over and over again last week, I challenged myself to stick to eating 100% on the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) plan for 5 days this week, Monday-Friday. No cheats. Well, it’s Friday afternoon and so far I have made it!

Just for fun, I took photos of some of my meals this week. Maybe these will inspire you that eating healthy can be absolutely delicious! I have enjoyed every one of my meals this week!

DISCLAIMER: I am not the type of person that can eat healthy all the time forever without ever again enjoying unhealthy food. That’s just not me at all. I love trying and tasting good food. However, my sugar binging has been out of control (for example 10 donuts in one setting or 6 cookies, poptarts, and chocolate in one setting, or 3 bags of chocolate covered nuts in one setting). I think we can agree that is not going to be good for me in the long run. Don’t think that all my meals are like this every week. They certainly are not! This is the way I strive to eat most of the time, and then I don’t feel bad when I indulge in not so healthy food.

…oh, and FYI, these are just photos of my first plate of food. A lot of times I went back for seconds! 😉

10:00-10:30: 1 egg, 2 egg whites fried in coconut oil, kale, bell peppers; 1/4 cup rolled oats, cinnamon, vanilla, splash of coconut milk; lemon water & vitamins
3:00-3:30: spring mix & spinach salad with chicken breast, egg whites, sea salt, bell pepper & cucumber; 1 cup sweet potato w/ cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla stevia, cocoa powder & a little EVCO (E), water, black coffee
6:45: lemon dijon salmon, avocado, broccoli, cauli & carrots, bite of unsweetened chocolate (S), water
8:00: bite of unsweetened chocolate & natural calm cherry water



9:30 – egg white/oat fiber “cinnamon rolls,” black coffee, vitamins & water (FP)
12:30 – piece of quest bar (FP)
1:45 – joseph’s pita w/ pizza sauce, mozzarella & pepperoni; spring mix salad w/ snap peas, cucumber, bell pepper, zephyr squash, a dollop of greek yogurt & gwen’s ranch seasoning; no bake fudgy cookie; water (S)
4:00 – 1/2 quest bar & water (FP)
7:00 – spring mix & chicken breast salad; tomato w/ LF cottage cheese, okra, bell pepper & snap peas; water (FP)



10:30-11:15: pumpkin spice egg whites & oatmeal bowl (E), black tea, water & vitamins
2:15-2:45: Joseph’s pita w/ 2 fried eggs, ham, pepperjack & roasted peppers; kale chips; no bake fudgy; water & black tea (S)
5:45 – part of quest bar (FP), water
7:00 – Newk’s salad with grilled chicken, ham, eggs, gorgonzola, parmesan, capers, cucumber, artichokes & banana pepper over romaine (S); unsweetened tea w/ lemon
8:00 – piece of quest bar & piece of unsweetened chocolate (S)


10-11:00 (S): 2 servings frittata, 2 servings pumpkin pie cake, black tea & water
2:00 (E) – huge spring mix salad w/ chicken breast, cottage cheese, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, banana pepper, and a sprinkle of fresh parmesan; water
3:45 (S): 3 no bake fudgy cookies, skinny chocolate, greek yogurt, black tea & water
6:30 (E): Chicken breast w/ a very small amount of skin, red lentils & curry, a small sweet potato, steamed broccoli & okra; water
9:30 (FP): mug brownie w/ cottage berry whip & FF reddi whip




9:45 (S) – 1/2 banana 000 yogurt w/ cocoa, frittata, sausage, skinny cherry chocolate, water & vitamins
11:30 (FP) – part of quest bar
2:15 (S) – Alaskan sockeye salmon, spring mix, avocado, banana pepper, capers, fresh parmesan, lemon juice & ranch seasoning; raw okra; water; no bake fudgy cookies



Some victories this week were…
– NOT giving into sugar cravings, especially on Thursday when my weekly crazy sugar binge normally happens (not sure why it seems to be Thursdays… maybe I am just worn out by then?)
– Staying on plan even when eating out with friends on Wednesday
– Avoiding chocolate samples & other off plan samples in the grocery store
– Remembering to take my vitamins
– Feeling more energetic and not crashing due to unstable blood sugar

Eating well has so many benefits! Hope you have been inspired!


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