I have exciting news! I am now taking on a select number of clients who would like to benefit from using me as their personal Holistic Health Coach!

Holistic Health Coach Services:

  1. Weight Loss / Fitness Goal Services:
    Are you looking to increase energy, increase fitness levels and lose weight? This is for you!
    I am knowledgeable in a large variety of healthy diets from paleo/primal and Whole30/clean eating diets to Trim Healthy Mama to more health issue centered diets such as GAPS/SCD/Anti-Candida, etc. I do not believe in a one-size fits all approach. I believe that as God has created us with different eye and hair colors, so also He has made different bodies thrive on different health plans. We will work together to find the health plan that best fits YOU and YOUR life.
    All clients receive a one hour initial consultation which includes a collection of a brief history and deals about your individual lifestyle, take weight & measurements, discuss goals, and make a plan to achieve those goals
    Weekly appointment includes:
    – meal plan evaluation, food log evaluation, advice on health and nutrition, fitness plan evaluation, answering questions related to holistic health & individual plan
    – individualizing meal plans to fit family goals, preferences, allergies, beliefs, and other health concerns
    – keeping clients updated on local grocery deals on healthy food and products
    – weekly accountability to stay “on plan” via text message or e-mail (client choice)
  2. Health Improvement Services:
    Are you looking to increase your overall quality of life through achieving a healthier lifestyle? This is for you!

    Two types of services are offered:
    A. One time in home consultation:
    – This is where I come to your home and we spend one or two hours tackling ONE area of your home that you would like to change for the betterment of your health. This might be your…
    – pantry/refrigerator (does your pantry need a clean out and your grocery list need an upgrade?)
    – kitchen (want to learn more about how the products you cook with are affecting your health?)
    – laundry room (replace those dangerous, toxic chemicals with healthier options that can even save you money!)
    – bathroom (believe it or not, what you put on your skin can make a world of difference in your overall health!)
    – bedrooms (are you sleeping in a toxic environment? Just a few little changes could improve your sleep quality… and since you sleep approximately 1/3 of your life, this is important!)
    – medicine cabinet (natural first aid can be all lot less expensive, simple & healthier than drug store items!)
    – these are just some of the areas I can cover, but you can contact me for further options!

    With your in home consultation, we will evaluate your current lifestyle and then make a plan to clean it up and makeover the area to fit your new, healthier life!

    B. In home consultation package: Have multiple of the above areas you want to revamp to improve your healthy lifestyle? I can come on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as we work through multiple areas of your home and life to give you a healthy living makeover!


If you are interested in finding out more about any of these offered services, please contact me by e-mail at itsjusthollyATgmailDOTcom for more information.