Essential Oils FAQ

As you have probably noticed, I am very fond of Young Living Essential Oils. So much so that a few years ago after trying them out, I became a distributor. These oils have changed my life for the better and I am passionate about sharing about them with others. Throughout posts on this blog, you will find a lot of details about different oils, how/when/why to use them, etc. Here are some frequently asked questions about essential oils and my answers.

What are essential oils?
An essential oil is the essence of the plant from which it comes. When a plant is distilled, it is broken down and the liquid that remains is the essential oil. It takes many plants of the same type to make one bottle of essential oil. For example, one drop of peppermint essential oil is the equivalent of 28 bags of peppermint tea. That means that one 15 ml bottle of Young Living peppermint essential oil is equal to 7000-8400 bags of peppermint tea! WOW, that is potent!

Why do you prefer Young Living essential oils over other brands?
Young Living is dedicated to providing 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. This means that there are no additives, fillers, or ingredients added to dilute the oil bottles. Many store bought brands, though cheaper, contain other ingredients and can be as low as 1% essential oil in the bottle. After experiencing the difference between Young Living and other store bought brands, I found a very noticeable difference & cannot in good conscience recommend other brands. If you read the labels on the store bought essential oils, you will find disclaimers that say, “for aromatic use only. do not ingest!” With Young Living, many of their oils are safe when ingested properly. This is because they are 100% pure, high quality oils. Young Living also goes to great measures to acquire their ingredients from their natural environments. For more information, visit their Seed To Seal Promise.

How do I use essential oils?
There are three ways that essential oils can be used: aromatically, topically, and ingested. To use them aromatically, you can use an essential oil diffuser, or inhale them. Topically means rubbing them on your skin (some must be diluted, others are safe to use directly on skin). Some oils are safe for ingestion either in capsules, diluted in water, or placed in the mouth on the cheeks or under the tongue. Each oil is different in the ways it can be used, so it is important to read the labels on your essential oil bottles and use an essential oils reference guide to learn how to use them properly and safely.

These oils seem expensive! Are they worth the money?
Every person must decide for themselves, but my answer is a whole-hearted YES! They may seem like an expensive purchase, but when you compare them to the costs of products you are already buying, doctor’s visits, cost of over-the-counter and prescription medications, etc. you will pay less in the long run with the use of essential oils. Your goal should not be to purchase these oils in addition to these other items, but to over time replace these other purchases with essential oils. I have found that the cost eventually balances out and I have actually saved money by using essential oils.

Practically speaking, how do you afford essential oils while living on a tight budget?
We have a category within our family budget to save money for medical purchases. The cost of essential oils are included within this category because I no longer purchase acetaminophen for headaches, but I rather use essential oils. We use lavender and colloidal silver on burns. We use ginger or peppermint for upset tummies. We use Thieves blend to prevent/shorten the duration of colds. We make our own electrolyte drink rather than purchasing store bought versions. We use our essential oils for many non-medical uses as well, but find that they fit best within this budget category. I certainly didn’t purchase all of my oils at once, but have saved money and over time built up my essential oil “medicine cabinet.” Young Living also offers a starter collection that they call the Everyday Oils Collection. This collection of 9 different oils is great for starting out because it includes most of the oils you would want in your basic “first aid” kit and for every day use. You can buy this set of oils then and build your oil collection from there. For an even better value, you can receive this oil collection, a home diffuser, other oils & the opportunity to make all future purchases with a 24% discount by becoming a Young Living distributor. You can read more about that below.

Does Young Living have a website? Where can I learn more?

How can I purchase Young Living essential oils?
You can purchase Young Living essential oils and other products by contacting me directly to place an order. For more information on purchasing, please visit my buyer’s guide page.

I am interested in becoming a distributor for Young Living & saving 24% on all products, plus have eligibility to receive free products, flat rate shipping, and more. How can I sign up?
1. Go to the Young Living member sign-up website by clicking here.
2. Click the button to sign up as a “wholesale member”
3. Enter the number “1325323” in the sponsor ID & enroller ID boxes (this is my member number)
4. Fill out “Step 1” which is the personal information form
5. In “Step 2” you will pick out which starter kit you want to purchase. The Premium Start Kit is the best value for your money as you will receive approximately $400 worth of product for $150. This is the best discount opportunity you will have. It includes the entire Everyday Oils Collection, a bottle of Stress Away oil blend, a full size home diffuser, sample products, and business aids in case you decide to build a business (don’t worry, it’s not a requirement to join)!
6. “Step 3” is optional. You can enroll in the essential rewards program at this point, or you can skip this and choose to enroll at a later time or not at all. The essential rewards program is an optional offer to distributors where they can earn points for free items by making monthly purchases of $50+. However, it is not a requirement to be a distributor. There is a button you can choose that says, “No thank you.”
7. Lastly, type in your credit card information and then press the “submit” button to proceed to the checkout.
That’s it! You should then receive your starter kit within a week or two! If you have any trouble or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly!

What are the requirements for becoming a Young Living distributor?
To become a distributor, you must purchase a start-up kit & then after that you are required to place an order of minimum product value (PV) of $50 per YEAR. Yes, really, you only have to spend $50 a YEAR to stay a distributor. Also, if you become a distributor and decide a year from now that you don’t want to stay a distributor and make that 50 PV purchase, there is no penalty for becoming inactive. I’ve been a distributor for over 3 years and am pleased to say that there really are no strings attached. What a deal!!!


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